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How To Start Or Restart A Cleaning Routine


At one point, you are busting with energy, you embark on a cleaning routine and are making good progress. Motivation is at the peak. Somewhere down the line ‘calamity’ strikes.A baby is born in the home or somebody falls ill.Your schedule is altered drastically and you can’t put up with the chores.Books pile up,laundry fills all the baskets, and dishes are all over.You don’t know where to start and you wonder, can you go back to keeping the house as clean as before?

The tips by EOT Cleaning services

It is possible to restore the house back to the cleanliness and tidiness it had before distractions cropped up.

  • Embrace the mess and accept it

end of tenancy cleaning in londonThe first and most important thing is first to accept that the mess has already taken place. After embracement, think or come up with a way to mitigate the mess. The chores are too many and they cannot be dealt with at a go. It is always better to start from somewhere instead of sitting and waiting for the mess to pile, this brings about fatigue due to overwork. After the distractions have died down, come up with a plan on how to go about the chores.

  • Create a weekly routine

The items in the to-do list are many and need to be redistributed among the days of the week. However, kitchen chores for instance have to be done every day before the main activity of the day is dealt with. The kitchen is the center of any home as it ensures survival of the family members. Dishes therefore have to be done on a daily basis. The kitchen counter and the stove need to be wiped daily.

Chore distribution

Monday; clean the bathroom. Scrub the floor, the Jacuzzi and the sinks. Disinfect the toilet seats and the cistern. Wash the toilet mats and disinfect the baby bath if any.

End-of-Tenancy-Cleaning-LondonTuesday;concentrate on sweeping and dusting. Dust tables, couches, window sills and the television stand. Dust all the appliances in the living room, dining room and in the bedrooms. Sweep the litter on the floor and trash it in the garbage bin. This will make thorough cleaning easier.

Wednesday; vacuuming. Utilize this day on vacuuming the carpeted floors. Use appropriate cleaners and carpet powders to make your work easy. Ensure to cover all the spots, under rugs and under furniture.

Thursday; moppingmop all the bare floors with a dampened rug and soapy water to ensure clean and satisfying end results. Avoid splashing water on the carpeted floor because this will give you extra work to dry the wet carpet. Be careful not to slip! You might acquire an injury that will pull your cleaning schedule yet again.End-of-Tenancy-Cleaning-London

Friday; arrange cupboard and shelves. So many items are displaced at this point. This is the opportunity to put everything where it belongs. Arrange the books and the magazines on their shelves, place the shoes on the rack and arrange seats nicely in the living room.

Saturday; this will be the busiest day of the week. Focus on the laundry. Machine washing will come in handy here because the laundry has piled for the past two weeks. Sort your laundry, avoid mixing colored clothes in the machine. Fold earlier done laundry and organize the wardrobes.



These steps will slowly but eventually help you start or restart a cleaning routine. It will take time, but remember perfection will never be attained because there are people in the house and disarrangements must occur as home activities go on. A cleaning routine will ensure that cleaning is sustained. If for one reason or the other the errand for the day was not run, do not panic. There is still tomorrow.

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