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Membership-Site Solutions: ARMember Has Everything You Need

membership site solutions

ARMember has taken a very short time to establish itself as a one-stop shop when it comes to just about any online Membership solution you need. This is based mostly on its easy to use, easy to set up the platform, and the fact that it emphasizes the fact that you don’t need to have any prior programming or technological knowledge to get set up.

What makes it a great add-on isn’t just the fact that its feature-rich, it’s also the fact that it works with many payment platforms, which in turn make it convenient on many levels both to people looking to set up membership sites, as well as those who want to join them. Convenience is a key concept here. No one wants to go through the ropes of hiring a developer to sieve your content, or to hire someone to constantly update new content, not when you can set it all up with the click of a button, and set up an automated content dripping software that does it all for you at no extra cost.

Membership-Site Solutions

What Makes ARMember the best Membership solutions plugin?

 First, you have unlimited free and paid membership plugin plans. This allows you the flexibility to navigate from free subscription to premium membership without having to break a sweat. The transition is quick and painless, and you get to put add-ons on your site to reward people who improve their membership from one level to another.

You also get brute force login protection, a feature that prevents unauthorized access to your site. Note that these are all advanced login settings, some of which many people don’t even know to exist. This is merely a testament to how great a value addition this membership plugin is both to you and your membership, ensuring the best levels of security are observed, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Aesthetics are also very important when it comes to your website interface. The ARMember plugin gives you avatar imagery. You can set up your own avatar just the way you like it, plus you get the added advantage of an unlimited selection of style and formatting options. This gives you the ability to play around and come up with content that is fun to look at, attractive and unique.

Member rewards also come as a great way to get people to sign up. With coupon and discount codes for every level of membership, as well as gift packs for free subscribers who advance to full members. All these act as incentives and they make your site popular, which goes a long way in driving traffic to your site.

In many websites, there are users who are the very definition of negative press. They hate on every piece of content you put up, and they try to get people to go against you.

Membership-Site Solutions ARMember

A little criticism may be healthy, but when it seems like someone is just out to get you, then you need the proper security measures to ban these users from creating bad blood between you and your members. ARMember membership has the most sophisticated security options when it comes to banning anything from emails to IP addresses.

You don’t just want drip campaigns that are limited to content.

This plugin also allows you the ability to schedule emails to members and subscribers. To keep them updated as to functional operations as well as improvements being made on-site. What this does is to essentially notify them through their emails, so they don’t have to check the site, they can just have the messages delivered directly to their email accounts.

You don’t just get easy navigation here, for some, it’s still feeling around in the dark when they are trying to figure their way around their websites. This is where ARMember membership comes in handy. What you get is a dedicated support that is available full time in case you’re having problems working around your site. You also get developer support in case you want some technical help with elements in your site that you can’t quite find your way around.

The ARMember membership really is all you need when it comes to building a fully functional, feature-rich membership website if for no other reason, the fact that you get a translation ready platform so you don’t have to fumble in the dark when you get a client who doesn’t speak your language. You can click on the translation icon, and you can understand each other perfectly.

Driving traffic to your site is no easy task, it takes time and some effort. This is why this platform has integrated a trial run for people who are considering becoming members but haven’t really been sold into the idea. This is where the trial members help them make up their mind. ARMember membership allows your members to do trial runs, to see what you have to offer, to work through the pros and cons of signing up with you, as well as getting to know what you’re really about. If the experience is worth their time, then you are guaranteed that they will not hesitate to sign up.

Lastly, ARMember membership is all about the power of information, this is why it provides your site with one of the most informative and analytical dashboards you can hope to find. What this does is to allow to ensure your content is up to par with the best standards and allows your members to be exposed to quality at the peak of its powers.


It’s all about the overall experience. Developing a member base depends highly on the quality of your site and what you have to offer, how well you package it and how well it’s presented. This is what makes the ARMember membership plugin for WordPress the best tool for achieving the best and getting the best out of your website. It goes way beyond just great content or great service, it goes much, much deeper.  Once you get a membership platform that is top-notch, then you can be sure your site will rank up there with the best of them.


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