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How To Minimize And Reuse Construction Wastes In London?

London Consruction waste clearance

In every construction site, effective waste management is a priority of every contractor or service provider working on a specific project.  As part of your overall strategy, your staff must be aware of company waste management policy.  Some of the questions before commencing the project are:-

What materials and quantities are contained in construction waste?  Construction waste includes that of plaster boards, wood based products, concrete and masonry, metals, insulations, packaging, and hazardous waste. Apart from the hazardous waste – all other waste materials can be recycled.   Contractors must:

construction waste clearance london

  • Categorize waste on type and volumes.
  • Secure the services of a local waste recycling company that can collect waste from your site.
  • At each stage of the project, arrange for deliveries as per the work schedule so as to avoid build up in storage.
  • Secure a reliable waste collection company for timely pickups. If not collected on time, waste may cause accidents in the construction site.
  • Minimise rework from errors and poor workmanship – this way s/he only handles reduced volumes of waste in a timely fashion.
    London Consruction waste clearance

Why minimize on construction waste? Construction waste can be very expensive activity and a necessary undertaking in the construction cycle. Legislation regarding waste of this nature is very clear and relentless to those who defy the law. Contractors must appreciate that they are installing a structure within an ecosystem hence environmental standards must be adhered to.

construction waste removal in London

Contact Quickwasters In London For Construction Waste Removal Services. We have advanced equipment and the expert team who have vast experience in collecting and disposing of the construction wastes in London safely. Quickwasters in London is best when are looking for rubbish removal services in London. Quickwasters will collect the waste materials from various sources and will segregate them before disposing of. The non-bio degradable waste materials are sent to the recycling plant for resuse.

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